{Solved} This YouTube Video Is Not Available In Your Country


YouTube is the largest video sharing website. It is so large and important that it has emerged as the second largest “search engine.” But there are certain limitations to what you can watch on this otherwise free medium. It often occurs that you are unable to watch a video because youtube video not available. The restriction is often in the form of country limitation. You will also come across many people who claim that this video is not available in your country. So how do you watch unavailableyoutube videos without?

Here are 3 ways you can use to watch youtube videonot available in your country.

1. Use VPN

A simple and highly effective way to watch youtube videos not available in your country is to use VPN. You can select a trusted VPN of your choice and follow these steps to get access to any youtube video not available on mobile or desktop.
  • Download the VPN software and install on your system
  • Choose a server and connect to it. It is important to choose a server located in a country where the video is available.
  • Open the youtube video unavailable page and you will be able to watch the video streaming without any difficulty
This is considered simply the best way to get around YouTube restrictions or limitations with any other website. You don’t need to have advanced IT skills to be able to use a VPN service. It lets you watch youtube unavailable by making YouTube and the government authorities viewing you as a visitor from some other country.
So if you are in a country where a specific youtube not available in your country because it is blocked by your government, using a VPN service is the best choice. Whether the video is blocked for commercial or political reasons, you can watch it without any restrictions.

2. Bypass YouTube Channel Filters

Many major film studios limit their videos to specific countries. Similarly, many media channels are also restricted in different countries. You can bypass these filters using a simple trick.
YouTube makes use of IP addresses for finding its users’ countries. You can watch videos not available in your country by using these simple steps.
  • Check the YouTube video’s URL
  • It should be like “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyz”
  • Replace the part “/watch?v” with just “/v” and don’t change anything else
  • The new URL should be “http://www.youtube.com/v/xyz”
This will allow you to watch video not available youtube mobile or desktop.

3. Download the Video

The next time someone tells you this video is unavailable, you can simply ask them to download the video and watch it on their system. It is possible to watch youtube not available in your country by getting around the problem by simply downloading it. There are some software and websites that make it a breeze to download video not available youtube by using its URL. Just copy paste the URL in the provided space in the software or website and it will download the video onto your system. You can even choose the format in which you want the video to be downloaded.

Final Words:-

So follow these tips to watch any YouTube video. You can use these methods no matter whether the uploader has not made this video available in your country or your government has blocked it.


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